We've moved to The Black Swan. Head through the Newcastle Arts Centre shop enterance and up the stairs.

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JavaScript North East

We're an all things JavaScript meetup based in Newcastle. We meet every third Wednesday of the month.

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Coding is Serious Business

This month we are joined by Luke Bonaccorsi. Coding is serious business. Except it isn't. Code gives us the power to unleash our creative potential in new and interesting ways, whether that’s making interactive art, creating live music and visualisations, building games or even adding joyful flourishes on a web app. In this talk, Luke will show that our code doesn’t just have to be for building boring applications. Using real examples, Luke will talk about some ways that we can bring creativity into our coding projects. By the end, Luke hopes to have inspired you to bring creativity into your projects, whether that’s a few little flares in your application, or an entirely creative project.
Wed May 15 2019
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Newcastle Arts Centre

67 Westgate Road
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